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Our Summer 2015 schedule is now posted!


The Children’s Peace Garden offers full day and half day summer camps. Spend an active week in an urban farm setting exploring art, plants, animals, spiders, insects, fresh healthy garden snacks and much more!


New in 2015: We've changed our camp age groups to better accommodate children in the garden. We've also updated all of our summer camp activities. Even if you've attended for several years, you're in for a treat this summer with new activities, games and adventures. Every summer camper will also receive a Peace Garden T-shirt with their registration!

Garden Seeds of Wonder: Half day summer camps appropriate for children 3 - 4 years old.

Garden Sprouts: Half day summer camps appropriate for children 4 - 6 years old.

Garden Explorers: Full day summer camps appropriate for children 6-8 years old.

Garden Gurus: Full day summer camps appropriate for children 8-11 years old.


*We do have a wait list if the camp you are interested in is listed as full. Call the office to be placed on the list. 

For registration questions contact Megan at 303-443-9952 or email at:

For programming questions contact Annie at 303-443-9952 x 2 or


The 2015 summer schedule is as follows.


Garden Seeds of Wonder Half Day Summer Camp: 3-4 years old

Garden Seeds of Wonder Summer Camp is designed for children 3-4 years old. Camp is held at the Children’s Peace Garden Monday – Friday, 9am-12pm. The cost is $185 per week per child.*Children must be potty trained to attend summer camp.


June 15 - 19  Birds, Butterflies and Bees 

Birds, Butterflies and Bees – Oh my! Spend five fun-filled days exploring the role of pollinators in our garden. We’ll explore the flight of birds, meet our bees and taste their honey. We’ll also experience the amazing world of pollination through relay races, unique art projects and interactive gardening games.


Garden Sprouts Half Day Summer Camp: 4-6 years old

Garden Sprouts Summer Camp is designed for children 4-6 years old. Camp is held at the Children’s Peace Garden Monday – Friday, 9am-12pm. The cost is $185 per week per child.*Children must be potty trained to attend summer camp.


July 6 - 10    Art in the Garden

Gardens are full of creative colors and textures that help inspire young artists to make unique garden themed art!  We will explore painting with vegetables, creating natural brushes and making hand dipped candles using wax from our bee hives. We’ll also write poetry, make musical instruments and create garden environmental art installations. Our creations will be displayed in the garden at the end of the week during an art show for family and friends to attend!


July 13-17   Bats, Insects, and Spiders

Join us for a camp where you will learn about wild things in the gardens that many of us might think of as foe, but they are actually friends to us and what grows in the garden.  We will learn how bats, insects and spiders help the garden grow and thrive. We’ll also utilize our knowledge of bats' navigation skills to play a variety of garden sonar games. Using bug catchers that we create, we’ll explore the insects and spiders found in the garden.


July 20 - 24  Tractors, Tools and Trucks 

Tractors, trucks and tools are essential to the functioning of an urban farm! We’ll meet with Connor, The Farmer, who will introduce us to Bucky and Big Blue, our two trusty tractors. We’ll visit the Long’s Iris Gardens (on the property) to see their trucks and tractors dating to the early 1900s and hear stories about how these farm implements changed the way we farm today. We even have a farm on wheels, Jonny’s Truck Farm, from which we’ll harvest tasty treats to enjoy together. We’ll use our tools to build small catapults to take home and use a large catapult in the gardens to disperse seeds!


July 27 - 31  Tasty Treats  

Enjoy the fruits of the harvest this week! We’ll cook using the power of the sun, explore the five senses while tasting our way through the garden, harvest food to prepare fresh healthy snacks, and sample from the salsa, pizza, edible flower and strawberry beds.


Garden Explorers Full Day Summer Camp: 6-8 years old

Garden Explorers Summer Camp is designed for children 6-8 years old. Camp is held at the Children’s Peace Garden Monday – Friday from 9am-3pm. The cost is $285 per week per child.

June 22 - 26  Birds, Butterflies and Bees   

Take flight with some of nature's best pilots in this camp.  We will learn about the birds, butterflies and bees that depend on our gardens for their survival and vice versa. We’ll investigate the ways in which these garden inhabitants enable the food to grow that nourishes our bellies. During the week we’ll open the hive and meet the honeybees, build habitats to attract birds to the garden and discover the variety of butterflies pollinating our edible flower garden. 


July 28 - Aug 1 Urban Safari  

Discover the secrets of our urban garden by going on safari. We’ll track the wildlife in the garden throughout the week to discover who’s visiting after we’re gone. We’ll visit the Mountain Flower Goat Dairy to learn about animal husbandry, visit an urban chicken yard, and meet with a beekeeper to harvest honey to use in our garden snacks. Each day we’ll explore the garden and discover things we’ve never noticed before!


Garden Gurus Full Day Summer Camp: 8-11 years old

Garden Gurus Summer Camp is designed for children 8-11 years old. Camp is held at the Children’s Peace Garden Monday – Friday from 9am-3pm. The cost is $285 per week per child.

July 6 - 10 Green Thumb Detectives  

Explore the complex interactions of plants, insects and animals on an urban farm! Garden Detectives will uncover the vast plant life within the Children's Peace Garden and have the opportunity to assist with a harvest day in the Cultiva farm fields. We'll spend a day learning about our resident honeybees and the maintenance needed for healthy colonies from our beekeeper. We’ll visit our neighborhood chickens and learn about potential predators in the urban hen yard. We'll also have the opportunity to visit the Mountain Flower Dairy and assist with caring for the goats and make fresh yogurt. Each day we'll make a new snack using fresh ingredients from the garden. 


July 27 - 31     Art and Photography in the Garden    

Using our creative interpretations we’ll explore and recreate the work of well-known garden artists. Using natural materials found in the garden, we’ll make plantable greeting cards to take home and share with friends and family. Learning the elements of composition and framing snapshots, we’ll take photographs in and around our garden to be shared at the open house art show at the end of the week. *Please bring a digital form of taking pictures, ie. digital camera, phone, or tablet. If you do not have access to one of these, please let us know in advance.



We are also offering one summer camp off site in partnership with Boulder JCC, and four summer camps in partnership with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation. To find out more about these summer camps, please visit the Boulder JCC website at: and the City of Boulder website at:

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