Our 2017 CSA is now full.

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The Growing Gardens CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is run by our hardworking Cultiva Youth Project teens. Each CSA share contributes to the teen’s cultivation of life, leadership and professional skills through the Cultiva program. The youth, ages 12-19, plant, tend, and harvest crops from the 2-acre Growing Gardens' farm in Boulder, then prepare and hand out each CSA share at the weekly pickups.

The Growing Gardens CSA is unique in that each week participants have the opportunity to deepen their connection with their food and the youth that grow it. The weekly share pickups are lively and stimulate relationship building between the community and the Cultiva youth. Each CSA member receives a weekly newsletter update with photos and videos documenting the growth of the harvest and the teens, along with special insights and seasonal recipes.

Your participation in our CSA program directly impacts the Cultiva Youth Project teen enrichment program, as well as supplies you with fresh, organic produce every week!


What does it mean to purchase a CSA share?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which is a farming model that connects people to their local farming community. In this model, members of the community purchase a “share” of the farm’s produce before a growing season begins. This gives the farmer added financial flexibility to purchase supplies and seeds, as well as the ability to plan for the number of shares they will need to grow for. Each week during the growing season, community members pick up their “share,” which includes an assortment of fresh, certified organic produce harvested that week. Through joining a CSA, members enter into an agreement with the farmer, acknowledging that they will share in the bounty of the harvest, but also may share in losses incurred due to poor weather, insects, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Some weeks the farm will produce extra produce, which we will sell to CSA members at a discounted price. Usually, this produce includes boxes of seconds tomatoes for canning, boxes of cucumbers for pickling, melons, and bags of basil. Seasonally, we may have strawberries and raspberries to sell from our organic orchard.

To find out more about the what it means to be a member of our CSA, please read our CSA Program Waiver agreement.

CSA Vegetable Shares

22 weeks - May 31 through October 2017                 

A CSA share feeds 2-4 people

The 2017 Cultiva CSA price of $550 includes $500 for the share and a $50 tax-deductible donation to Growing Gardens. This equates to $23.00/week for local, organic veggies, with a $2.27 per week donation going to support the Cultiva Youth Project.


CSA Additional Share Options

We're thrilled to offer add-ons to our members this year. Add-on registration information will be sent to via email to our members.


  • 12 weeks of organic fruit shares @ $210
  • Pick up starts around Aug 16th, weather dependant  (full value of share will be given, regardless of start date)
  • Average pick up includes 6 lbs of fruit, 20 lbs of apples are given at the last pickup
  • Produce includes certified organic peaches, pears, plums, apples, and cider
  • Fruit from Ela Family Farms in Hotchkiss


  • 11 weeks of coffee shares (1 lb. per pickup) @ $14/week ($154 in total)
  • Pick up is every other week, starting first week of CSA
  • Whole bean coffee from Ozo Coffee Roasters in Boulder
  • This is a fun way to try different types of Ozo coffee (organic and nonorganic depending on week).


  • 22 weeks of egg shares @ $6/week ($132 in total)
  • Free range, happy, healthy hens, not certified organic, UNWASHED
  • From Jodar Farms in Ft Collins


  • 22 weeks of mushroom shares @ $7/week ($154 in total) for ½ lb of mushrooms each pickup
  • Mixed, certified organic mushrooms: cremini, shiitake, oyster mushrooms, and occasionally cinnamon cap
  • From Hazel Dell in Ft Collins



Share pick up is Wednesday afternoons (May 31st – October 25th 2017) from 4:30-6:30pm at the Cultiva Youth Project urban agricultural site at 1630 Hawthorn Ave in Boulder. If you can’t make it to pick up your share, you are welcome to send a friend on your behalf. We are unable to make arrangements for shares to be picked up outside of the regular pick-up hours. Any shares not picked up will be donated to our partners through the Growing Gardens Food Project.

If you have questions, please contact megan@growinggardens.org or 303-443-9952. We begin CSA registration January 15th. A $275 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. An invoice for the remaining $275 will be emailed on March 2nd, and is due March 8th. Any add-on shares (fruit, mushrooms, eggs) will be invoiced on April 11th, and payment will be due April 17th.  Feel free to contact us if you are in need of a different payment plan.




Growing Gardens Payment and Refund Policies

Growing Gardens Program Waivers