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Register for BVSD Days Off School

Join us in the garden for your school days off! We offer fun, educational classes for your child to keep learning and playing even when they are off school.  Classes cost $65 each, with a discounted rate of $60 per class available when you register for 2 classes in the same season. Discount not valid across seasons. Classes are ideal for children ages 4-11. 

2017 BVSD Days Off School Classes

Friday, April 14

Monday, April 17

Monday, Sept. 18

Friday, Oct. 13

8:30am-3:30: Wake Up Garden! 

8:30am-3:30: Spring Has Sprung!

 8:30am-3:30: Celebrate the Fall Harvest

 8:30am-3:30: Rest Well, Garden


Class Descriptions:

Friday, April 14, 8:30am-3:30pm: Wake Up Garden!

Who’s still sleeping and who’s out and about in the garden? Come prepared with all of your senses to discover the various clues that reveal what’s been happening in the garden during its winter sleep! We'll uncover what winter’s visitors have been doing to the garden soil and how it will affect our seeds and the sprouts that are starting to grow. Come prepared to have FUN in the spring gardens of Colorado!

Monday, April 17, 8:30am-3:30pm: Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is in the air, the snow is melting and the soil is ready for digging. Bring your sense of adventure and imagination as we prepare the garden for planting. We’ll plant seeds in the greenhouse and to take home, design garden dioramas filled with our summer plans of splendid fruit, and work in the spring garden improving the soil, planting seeds and planning irrigation! The spring garden in CO is sure to be filled with adventures – join us to discover!


Monday, Sept. 18, 8:30am-3:30pm: Celebrate the Fall Harvest

In September, the Peace Garden is filled with a forest of fresh vegetables and fruit. We’ll learn to harvest ripe produce with culinary plans in mind. Children will have the opportunity to connect the abundance of the fall garden harvest with seasonal meals they can make at home! Autumn is also a time of change in the garden as the warm summer gives way to the cooler temperatures of fall. We will explore the changing garden landscape while building new friendships with local people, plants and life forces in the garden. We hope you join us to spend a fun filled day with us in the garden!


Friday, Oct 13, 8:30am-3:30pm: Rest Well, Garden

The growing season has come to an end and we’ll celebrate all of our hard work by putting the garden to bed for the winter season. Join us and gain a hands-on experience of what’s needed to prep the soil, the perennials, and the garden space to spend a few months under a blanket of snow. We’ll work in the gardens and plan for next year’s beds as we get ready for a quiet winter season.

For registration questions contact Megan at 303-443-9952 or email at:

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