Welcome to Growing Gardens

Over the last 20 years, Growing Gardens has brought gardening, nutrition
education and produce donations to over 136,000 Boulder County residents.

We offer a variety of programs to get people of all ages, backgrounds, income levels, and abilities
involved in growing and cooking their own food. These educational opportunities are paired with seed,
plant start, and produce donations, as well as gardening space, to impart greater food security and hunger relief in our community.


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School Day Off Classes - Spring Break

Keep learning and playing this spring break with Growing Gardens!

Full-day classes available for 5-11 year olds on 3/28, 3/29, and 3/30. $80/day.

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Action Needed: Flood Mitigation Option Poses Risk to Growing Gardens

Please consider joining Growing Gardens at the Water Resource Advisory Board public hearing (Municipal Service Center, 5050 E Pearl St) on Monday, 3/19 at 6 pm in opposition of the Long's property being considered for a flood mitigation option.

The option to create a detention pond on the Long's property would destroy 113 years of farming heritage and cripple the ability of 18,000+ people to participate in agriculture education programs each year. It would also erase the amazing benefits that nonprofits Growing Gardens & Mountain Flower Goat Dairy and the Long's agricultural business bring to thousands of community members. Another option should be considered and this proposal should be quickly and decisively removed.

Please wear a bright green shirt, we hope to see you there! Thank you for your support.