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After School Garden Club, Fall 2017

Every Thursday from September 14th - October 5th, 3:45 - 5:15 pm. Ideal for children ages 4 - 11.

Cost: $15 per child per visit. Discounted price of $50 is available when you register a child for all 4 classes in one series.

It’s fall in the garden which means it's time for a celebration of all of our hard work during the growing season! During the Children’s Peace Garden After School Garden Club, we will explore the tools of our trade. Together we'll put the garden to bed and enjoy the fruits of our labor by saving seeds for next year, learn how we can make our favorite snacks with garden-fresh produce, explore the abundance of the garden harvest and celebrate the harvest season through community in the garden. Join us!

When children arrive on Thursday, we will split into 2 groups based on ages to participate in each week's activities. Although the themes are the same for each group, the activities and instructional styles will be adapted based on the age of the group.

Thursday, September 14th: What's Growing On in the Peace Garden? 

The first session of Garden Club will be an exploratory introduction to the garden site. First, we'll start in the greenhouse and investigate what's growing. Second, we'll head out to the gardens and use all our senses to examine roots, shoots, fruits, seeds and leaves on our exploratory tour of the fall gardens. By the end of the tour, we'll each get to take a "peace" of produce home to share and enjoy with our friends and family.

Thursday, September 21st: Seed Saving 

Spend the afternoon learning about saving seeds for next spring’s garden. We’ll practice dry and wet seed saving techniques from vegetables, fruits, and flowers.  We’ll create our own seed packets and labels with all of the information we’ll need to bring home and have a successful garden next spring.

Thursday, September 28th: Food Forests 

Join us to discover what kind of bounty the fall season has brought to our garden! We’ll use our tastebuds as a guide and will learn how to utilize in-season produce like giant acorn squash, pumpkins and more in our favorite at-home meals! In this fun, hands-on class, children will learn how to harvest ripe ingredients and will gain a first-hand understanding of how seasons influence the food we’re able to grow and eat.


Thursday, October 5th: Harvest Celebration 

Join us to celebrate the abundance of an amazing growing season!  Together we’ll harvest our fall pumpkins to create unique garden decorations and games. We’ll also learn how to use this seasonal produce in making fresh, healthy garden snacks to make at home with our families!



For registration questions contact Megan at 303-443-9952 or

For programming questions contact Annie at 303-443-9952 x 2 or



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