Children's Peace Garden Classroom Visits


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Would you like to schedule a Classroom Visit?

Please send the following information to Annie Sweeney, Program Director at Please note that we only offer classroom visits within Boulder County.

  1. Preferred Date(s)
  2. Preferred Start Time (s) 
  3. Preferred Classroom Visit Title
  4. Number of participants
  5. Age(s) of participants
  6. Any food allergies


We'll bring the garden to you!

Choose from a variety of classroom visit themes: 

Honeybees, Pollination, and Our Food
Students will learn about the life cycle of the honeybee, pollination, and the honeybees' contribution to plant life and modern agriculture through hands-on interactions with beekeeping equipment.

Students will learn about vermicomposting, the life cycle of the worm, the role of decomposers in an ecosystem, and be able to hold real, live red wiggler worms from our worm bin.

Insects' Habitats and Homes
Students will learn insect anatomy, what insects' roles are in the garden environment, and go on a bug hunt.

Plants and Their Edible Parts
Students will be able to taste fresh produce from our garden as they learn about the different parts of the plant.

All About Seeds
Students will learn about the parts of a seed, the life cycle of a plant, what plants need to grow, and experience different seeds and how they germinate.

Colorado Soils
Students will be able to experience different types of soils found in Colorado, and how those soils affect plant growth.

A Day in the Life of A Flower

Students will learn about the parts of a flower, pollination and a flower's role in the life cycle of a plant.


The classroom visit themes and activities align with the rhythms of the garden growing season in relation to the school year, and align with Colorado Model Content Standards for Science and Social Studies.

Classroom visits are $75 for a one hour session. Each visit we bring interactive pieces of the garden to your classroom.

Please contact Annie at 303-443- 9952 x 2 or for more information. 


Thank you to our sponsors!