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Join us for fun, educational activities during your school days off! We've teamed up with BVSD Lifelong Learning to offer a variety of garden and pollinator-themed classes to keep your children exploring and learning when they are out of school. 
All class take place at Platt Middle School and cost $49.
AM Classes: 8:30am-12:30pm
PM Classes: 12:30pm-4:00pm


Mon, Nov 20:

PM: Honeybees and their Gifts to Us: Hand Dipped Candles and Tea Lights 
The honey we gather from our bees is delicious but the beeswax they make is great too! Come learn about honeybees and their many gifts to us. We will play our favorite bee games, sing our favorite bee song, and make beeswax hand-dipped candles and tea lights to decorate your home.

Tues, Nov 21:
AM: Harvest Celebration
Join us to celebrate the abundance of an amazing growing season! We’ll play our favorite seasonal games, paint pumpkins to take home and then make roasted pumpkin seeds. We’ll feed our bodies and our brains with the bounty of the garden!

Pumpkin Seeds BVSD

Wed, Nov 22:
AM: Solar Oven Fun: Pizzas and Apple Chips
Have you ever used a solar oven? It’s a great way to make snacks without using any electricity. Come learn about the benefits of using a solar oven while we try it ourselves. Make your own person-sized pizza with toppings picked straight from our garden. Enjoy apple chips made from our own apple trees. Join us for a solar-powered feast of produce from the Children’s Peace Garden!


Tues, Jan 2:
AM: So you want to be a Beekeeper?
At Growing Gardens we manage 10 top bar hives around Boulder County. Join us to learn beekeeping basics! Explore a demonstration hive and learn about what you can do to protect honeybees in our community while we enjoy games and taste tests related to our favorite pollinators!

PM: Honeybees and their Gifts to Us: Lip Balms and Salves 
Our honeybees give us more than just honey; their beeswax also makes wonderful lip balms and salves. Students will get hands-on experience as they learn about the important roles honeybees play and they will also get the chance to make natural hand salve and lip balms with different scented oils.

Wed, Jan 3:
AM: Artists in the Garden: Van Gogh and O'Keeffe
Bring your creativity as we explore many ways to find inspiration from the garden! After learning from the work of famous artists like Van Gogh and O’Keefe, we’ll create our own pieces to share with each other and take home. We’ll use subjects from the garden to create our own unique works of art.

PM: Art in Nature
Leave your paintbrush at home! Today we’ll draw inspiration from the work of outdoor artist Andy Goldsworthy. We’ll use entirely natural materials such as leaves, sticks, and possibly snow to create temporary art installations. We’ll enjoy sharing our works with each other, then leaving them for our community to enjoy.

Thurs, Jan 4:
AM: Animal Tracking in the Winter Garden
Even though it's cold and snowy, the garden still has many visitors! Come prepared with all of your senses to discover the various clues to reveal who has been visiting our natural spaces. We'll practice being animal trackers while exploring what it's like to move like our wintertime animal friends. Then we’ll warm up with tasty treats from our winter garden.

PM: Garden Chefs: Winter Treats
After hours of running around outside in the cold, apple cinnamon muffins are a great way to get toasty warm! Our apple tree may be bare but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fruit! We’ll make muffins from apples grown on our farm plus herbal teas and hot chocolate to go with it! Learn kitchen skills and enjoy the fruits of your labor with us!

Fri, Jan 5:
AM: Natural Treasures and Garden Terrariums
The ground is covered with snow but we’re ready to start growing! We’ll bring the beauty of the garden indoors to create displays of natural treasures! Make a garden terrarium to bring the beauty home, reminding us of the spring season that’s on its way!

PM: Gardener for a Day! 
With snow still on the ground, farmers are busy at this time of year planning out their spring and summer gardens! Join us to learn gardening methods and create a garden design to use at home or school. We will investigate the needs of plants and remind our sense why gardening is so tasty and fun! Walk away with your very own garden design to implement this spring!

Mon, Jan 8:
AM: Medicinal Herbs
Using the bounty of the garden that has been harvested before the snow started to fall, learn how to make simple tinctures and teas to share with family and friends. Together we’ll make samples to try together and ideas to take home. We’ll explore and create recipes to promote health and well being during this chilly time of year.

PM: Garden Chefs: Chocolate Making
All things chocolate is the focus of this lesson: where does it come from? how is it made? what is it good for? how does it taste? We’ll make and then taste-test dark chocolate made with natural ingredients. Bring home a recipe and dark chocolate treats to share!

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