Children's Peace Garden School Day Off

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Join us for fun, educational activities during your school days off! We've teamed up with BVSD Lifelong Learning to offer a variety of garden and pollinator-themed classes to keep your children exploring and learning when they are out of school. 

Classes are from 8:30am-3:30pm and are open to children aged 4-11. $80 per day.

Spring Break 2018 Classes:
  • Wed, March 28, 2018 - full day
  • Thurs, March 29, 2018 - full day
  • Fri, March 30, 2018  - full day

Classes take place at Growing Gardens, 1630 Hawthorn Ave., Boulder, CO.

Wednesday, March 28th: Springtime Explorers
Calling all outdoor explorers! Discover what's happening in the garden and the natural world by scavenger hunting for clues. We will gather natural materials to create spring terrariums to take home, meet our composting worms and discover this amazing season through games, songs and sensory discoveries! Once we've worked up an appetite, we'll make a delicious and nutritious spring garden snack.

Register for Springtime Explorers Here 

Thursday, March 29th: Sprout Scientists
Wear your capes and discover what’s happening in the garden as the warm weather awakens our garden plants! We’ll use our best science skills to look for signs of spring, explore seeds, plant life cycles, and how incredibly delicious fruits and vegetables taste when we make them into treats! Explore the wild world of medicinal and culinary herbs by designing and planting your own herb garden to take home. Learn about how each plant grows, what it gives us, and how to care for it. We’ll also harvest and make delicious and nutritious green smoothies to give our afternoon the extra boost of healthy eating.Create a journal to record all of your findings and continue exploring in your own backyard or garden!

Register for Sprout Scientists Here 

Friday, March 30th: Wake Up Garden! Wake Up Bees!
Who’s still sleeping and who’s out and about in the garden? Come prepared with all of your senses to discover the various clues that reveal who has been visiting the garden! We'll practice being animal trackers while exploring what is starting to sprout in the garden. We’ll also welcome our pollinating friends back from their winter rest by exploring a demonstration honeybee hive! And of course, we'll taste their delicious honey too! 

Register for Wake Up Garden! Wake Up Bees! Here 


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