Community Gardens FAQ


Who is responsible for rototilling?

Is your own responsibility and can be arranged through local Boulder resident Tom Moore at (303) 444-8565.


What are the rules regarding manure in the gardens?

It is the responsibility of each gardener to arrange delivery of manure for his or her plot if they want to amend the soil.  Manure must be "aged" and needs to be immediately watered down and thoroughly worked into the soil within forty-eight hours of delivery. 


Is theft a problem at the gardens?

Overall, theft is not a big problem at the community gardens. Occasionally things are lost to hungry visitors passing by or to four footed friends. We appreciate gardeners watching for looters and informing us when they see produce being stolen. We encourage gardeners to report theft to their City Police Departments via the non-emergency numbers. Please also let Growing Gardens and your garden leaders know if theft has occurred. 


Will I have access to shared tools?

Tools are located in the sheds at each garden, with the exception of a few, where the tools are kept in a storage box. Community tools have brightly painted handles to identify them. The combinations for the locks will be given at orientation or can be obtained by calling the office at (303) 443-9952.


How does irrigation work at the gardens?

Weather permitting, the water will be turned on as soon as possible in the spring. This will likely happen in March, but is weather dependent.  The water will be turned off as necessary when the temperature changes in the fall. Again, these dates are weather dependent and vary at each garden.


Who should I talk to with a question about the gardens?

Each community garden has at least one appointed garden leader that can help answer any questions you may have. Their contact information will be sent to you when you pay for your plot.