Growing Gardens' History

1975: Long’s Garden allows Boulder community members to establish Hawthorn Community Gardens on their property. Over the years, this garden took various forms under the management of the City of Boulder until 1998.

1998: Growing Gardens (GG) established as Boulder County urban agriculture nonprofit. GG begins their initial programming by taking over management of the Hawthorn Community Garden from the City of Boulder. GG is granted a long term lease on 11 acres of the Long’s property.

1999: Cultiva established as pilot project involving multiracial youth from low-income housing areas in a donation and market garden.

2000: Children’s Peace Garden established by Cultiva Youth Leader Vicky Borrego and GG staff. Vicky saw a need to involve younger children from their neighborhoods in constructive recreational activities, provide them with leadership from older peer role-models, and create learning opportunities in a garden setting.

2000: Foothills Community Garden established in North Boulder in partnership with City of Boulder.

2001: Hickory Community Garden established in South Boulder in partnership with neighborhood community and City of Boulder.

2002: Horticultural Therapy program established to bring gardening to seniors and people with disabilities.

2003: Neighborhood Compost Project established by a CU student in the INVST Community Leadership Program. We worked with the City of Boulder Department of Environmental Affairs to partner on this project and help meet city-wide waste reduction goals and educate the community about composting. We continue to offer field trips and classroom visits on vermicomposting through the Children’s Peace Garden and partner with Eco-cycle to provide composting field trips at our site to an additional 500 children annually.

2004: Goss Grove Community Garden established in partnership with the City of Boulder and Goss Grove Neighborhood Association. This Community Garden has since been turned over to the GGNA for management.

2004: Fortune Community Garden established in partnership with Sheila Fortune and the City of Boulder.

2005: Holiday Community Garden in North Boulder established in partnership with Holiday Neighborhood Association.

2006: Greenhouses built at Growing Gardens. This allows all vegetable plant production to be done on site. Previously, GG was using space in other farmer’s greenhouses in east Boulder County. It also allows expansion of classes as there is now an indoor classroom space for use during inclement weather.

2006: Centennial Community Garden established in South Boulder in partnership with Mount Calvary Lutheran Church.

2008: Outreach and Education Programs established to provide adult education gardening and beekeeping classes.

2008: Harney-Lastoka Community Garden established in Louisville in partnership with City of Louisville, City of Lafayette and Boulder County Open Space.

2011: 11th Ave Community Garden established in Longmont in partnership with the City of Longmont.

2011: Sanchez Community Garden established in Lafayette in partnership with the City of Lafayette, BVSD and Alicia Sanchez International School. Sanchez School Garden established at Alicia Sanchez International School.

2012: Cultiva Youth Project began a Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA) with 50 shares

2012: Alta Community Garden established in partnership with the City of Longmont.

2013: Irrigation installed for Orchard Project. This connected our site irrigation to the Silver Lake Ditch.

2014: Rogers Grove Community Garden opens in Longmont in partnership with the City of Longmont

2014: Hope Community Garden opens in South Boulder in partnership with Mt. Hope Lutheran Church

2014: Strawberries and raspberries planted in our orchard.

2015: Living Harvest Community Garden established at 28th and Jay Road in partnership with the Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church

2015: Over a hundred fruit trees were planted in our orchard; apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry and apricot

2015: Our Pollinator Garden was planted in the orchard entrance, featuring various plant groupings to attract local pollinator birds, bees, moths, beetles and flies.

2016: We began a partnership with YMCA of Boulder Valley to open a donation garden "The Food Project Farm" in Longmont