Holiday Community Garden, Boulder

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The Holiday Community Garden is located at 16th and Zamia in North Boulder. Take N Broadway to Yellow Pine, turn east, take a left at the T (N) then turn east on Zamia.

2019 Program Fees Holiday Garden






Plot Size

Seasonal Plot Fee

Seasonal Water Fee

Total Seasonal Fee

Reduced Rate Plot Fee

Total Reduced Rate Fee

Full Size (100 sq ft)


$37.00 per plot






Holiday's Garden Leader:

Taryn Hanson has been learning how to get things to grow in Colorado since moving here eighteen years ago and feels that every season teaches her something new. Being in the garden brings her inner peace, satisfaction, a little exercise and, most importantly, some great veggies to eat! Taryn stands by the saying, "I live in the garden, I only sleep in the house," and hummingbirds and praying mantises are her favorite plot companions.