Horticultural Therapy

Curriculum increases motor, cognitive and psychological functions for seniors and groups with differing abilities. Activities create opportunities for social and inter-generational interaction and empower individuals through experiencing the pride that comes with successful gardening and group collaboration. Partner agencies include: Bella Vista, Boulder Garden Club, and Imagine!.

Curriculum topics include, and are not limited to:

Spring (Feb – May)

  • Garden Planning and Design – Vegetable or Landscape
  • Seeding and Transplanting for the Garden
  • Container Planting – Propagating African Violets
  • Creating Bird Habitats

Summer (May – August)

  • Fresh Garden Salsa and Lemonade Party
  • The Many Ways to Make Fresh Pesto
  • Using Every Bit of the Plant: Dips and Spreads
  • Aromatherapy Spritzers
  • Flower/Leaf Pressing Part 1
  • Flower/Leaf Pressing Part 2: Bookmarks or Photos
  • Harvesting and Drying Herbs
  • Potpourri  Making

Fall (Aug – Nov)

  • All About Apples
  • Applesauce and Apple Salsa Making
  • Dried Apple Slice Garlands
  • Harvest Festivals

Winter (Nov – Feb)

  • Lip Balms and Salves from Beeswax fresh from our honeybee hives
  • Gifts from the Garden – bath salts, teas and tinctures
  • Seed Legacy
  • Chocolate Making

These classes are available throughout the year:

  • Vermicomposting
  • Dried Hanging Leaf Mobile
  • Honeybee Studies
  • Hand-dipped Candles
  • Aquaponics and Hydroponics
  • Current Agriculture Issues
  • Georgia O'Keefe and Vincent Van Gogh: Painters in the Garden

These classes can take place at Growing Gardens, 1630 Hawthorn Avenue, Boulder, CO or off-site. Each class is facilitated by Growing Gardens' staff that lead group activities and discussion.

Weekly, monthly and one-time visits to the garden are available throughout the year. We can also bring garden programming to your facility! Classes are typically 1-1.5 hours in length.

For more information, pricing, or to sign up, please contact Megan Reynoso at [email protected]