Community Gardens

Growing Gardens manages more than 535 individual community garden plots across eleven locations in Boulder County. Through this program gardeners have the opportunity to grow their own fresh organic produce. Each garden is managed in partnership with a resident Garden Leader (or multiple Garden Leaders) who serve as valuable resources for the individual gardeners as they navigate the dynamic Colorado growing season.                   

Community Gardens:

The 2019 New Gardener Wait list is closed. We do not carry over a list from year to year. Please check back here for details on how to sign up for a plot in 2020.

Garden Locations: Reference this Garden Location map      

Longmont Boulder


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Registration Information:

Eligible existing gardeners from the previous gardening season have priority to renew their plot over new gardeners. In mid-February, we will begin contacting new gardeners on the 2019 waitlist to register for a plot.

1. Renewing Gardeners

2018 Gardeners who are eligible to renew for the 2019 season will be sent an email with the renewal information on January 15th, 2019. The link to renew a garden plot is included in this email and not available online.

The final day to renew your garden plot is February 10th, 2019. Open plots will be offered to gardeners on the New Gardener Waitlist starting mid-February on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please Note: If you do not receive the renewal email and want to renew your plot, please first check your Spam folder, and then call the office or send an email to [email protected].

2. Sign Up for a Garden Plot
Thanks for your interest in joining our Community Gardens!

All new gardeners that would like a plot in 2019 must add their name to our 2019 Waitlist, which will be live, HERE, at 9 am on January 15th, 2019. We give eligible gardeners from the previous season priority to register for 2019 plots, then fill the remaining plots on a first-come first-served basis from our 2019 waitlist.

Please note:
We start a new waitlist each year; names do not carry over year to year. Once all plots are filled, we stop calling waitlisted gardeners.

You must provide a valid phone number for us to contact you if we have an open plot. If we have to leave a voicemail, you have 24 hours to respond back to claim your plot before we offer it to the next waitlisted gardener. If you respond after 24 hours and we still have an open plot, we are happy to assign it to you.

Before Signing Up for the Garden Waitlist:

  1. Study the map of all our garden locations.  Choose your preferred community garden site and decide which size plot is best for you (not all gardens offer the same size plots). Many new gardeners prefer a smaller plot their first year, and it is always an option to switch plot sizes or locations after the season is closed. 
  2. Read the rules and regulations for the community garden you choose, as they will be enforced. Then ask yourself, again, is Community Gardening for me?




2019 Reduced Rate Application

To apply, you must provide one of the following pieces of documentation:

  • Public Housing, documentation or proof that you are living in public housing. 
  • Medicaid, copy of current Medical Authorization Card (MAC) OR a letter of verification for Medicaid status
  • Colorado Health Plan (CHP), current copy of CHP card
  • Proof of Disability Other than Medicaid

An Adult with a disability may attach proof of disability. Proof includes: proof of SSI or SSDI, a letter stating your disability status from an agency or physician.  

You may apply for the Growing Gardens Food Project plant start and seed donation program by clicking here.

Community Garden Rules & Resources:    



 Growing Gardens Payment and Refund Policies

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