Kerr Community Garden, Louisville

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The Kerr Community Garden
is located at the Harney Lastoka Open Space, just south of the intersection of Highway 42 and South Boulder Road in Louisville.

The Harney-Lastoka Open Space is jointly owned by the City of Louisville, the City of Lafayette and Boulder County. The property creates an open space between Louisville and Lafayette and maintains the agricultural heritage of the property. The Kerr Community Garden contains 43 plots of different sizes, a tool shed and apple orchard. The garden opened in May of 2008.


2019 Program Fees Kerr Garden
Plot Size Seasonal Plot Fee Reduced Rate Plot Fee Seasonal Water Fee Total Non-
Reduced Rate Fees
 Total Reduced Rate Fees
20 x 20 (400 sq ft)
$108.00 $54.00 $113.00 $221.00  $167.00
10 x 20 (200 sq ft)
$71.00 $36.00 $59.00 $130.00  $95.00
8 x 16 (128 sq ft)
Raised bed
$71.00 $36.00 $47.00 $118.00  $83.00
4 x 8 (32 sq ft)
Raised bed
$49.00 $25.00 $27.00 $76.00  $52.00



Use of water should always be controlled. Drip systems and timers are required. All gardeners must purchase a drip irrigation system for their garden plot by June 15 of the garden season for which they are registered. Drip irrigation is watering at a slow rate (or drip) right at the roots of plants. Root irrigation is a good water conservation choice because it provides a deeper level of watering than surface watering, which is prone to wastage due to evaporation and runoff. Check drip irrigation systems for leaks on a regular basis.

Prior to May 15th and after September 15th timers and drip must be detached from the spigot overnight due to the dangers of frost. During these times, gardeners may use sprinklers or water by hand. Gardeners may not leave garden hoses in use unattended unless using a drip irrigation system. Gardeners cannot use sprinkler irrigation between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00 pm. Drip irrigation or watering by a hand can be done at any time. Drip irrigation can be purchased locally. 


Growing Gardens has received many questions about the possibility of building additional raised beds at Kerr Community Garden. We have contacted Boulder County to discuss this option in the garden plots. The goal is to preserve the overall look of the original garden and the infrastructure that Boulder County built. The smaller of the two types of raised beds were designed with the intention to provide wheel chair accessible gardens. The County requests that all plots remain as built. We understand that some of you may want a small walk way through your garden or edging to define smaller garden beds within your plot. With that in mind, gardeners are welcome to put an edging around their garden or around smaller plots within their gardens. These may be no higher than 6" off the ground and must be natural, untreated lumber. Railroad ties, treated lumber and small structures are not permissible at Kerr Community Garden. Please remember that any edging that is put in place must be within your plot boundaries.


2018 Orientation Dates: Saturday April 7th, 5pm  OR Monday April 9th, 6pm 

Kerr's Garden Leader:

Ciel Lawrence’s first attempt at gardening was in England 25 about years ago.  After a not-so-successful first season, Ciel decided to start again in 2014 and found a new love! Ciel likes to juice and drink her veggies, so lots of kale, spinach, beets, carrots, etc. can be found in her plot.