Growing Gardens' Pollinator Pavilion 

We are critically in need of an all-weather building in order to continue to hold our educational programs and offer year-round classes and events to our community. We've been fundraising for our "Pollinator Pavilion" for 3 years now, and with the support of our generous community, have completed the fundraising for this dream.

Since 1998, Growing Gardens has provided 136,000 Boulder County community members access to fresh, organic produce, garden-based nutrition education, and garden space.

We engage community members of all ages, ethnicities, and income-levels in sustainable urban agriculture through programs designed to foster food security and teach people how to grow, cook, and preserve their own food.


Partnering with Growing Gardens to complete this community resource

An Overview of the Pollinator Pavilion 

Updates on the Pavilion: Supporting this Community Resource

The Urgent Need for the Pollinator Pavilion



The Pollinator Pavilion

The Pollinator Pavilion will provide critical infrastructure needed to continue our education programs, and will:

  • Allow us to continue connecting over 7,000 children each year to the garden and to their food
  • Increase capacity for food donations to low-income community members by 30%
  • Double the amount of gardening and cooking classes we offer to children, teens, adults, seniors, and those with differing abilities
  • Allow us to hold educational classes and events year-round through an all-weather teaching space, a commercial kitchen that meets state standards, and gender-neutral, inclusive restrooms. 

How We'll Get There 

With our community's amazing help, we met our $104,000 fundraising goal for this important resource. A huge thank you to everyone that supported this effort, every donation made a difference!

As construction projects go, we've faced a lot of challenges and additional costs with the Pavilion. If you're interested in supporting the project through to the finish, we still need financial assistance with:
  • Outfitting our teaching space with tables and chairs---$3,000
  • Building an indoor, educational beehive to support programming year-round---$2,000
  • Purchasing kitchen supplies for children, teen, and adult cooking classes---$2000
  • Installing lighting in our classroom for evening classes and events---$3,000
  • Finishing the landscaping and mulching for our new building---$3,500
  • Completing gender-neutral restrooms that are inclusive, safe, and accessible to all--$2,000
Interested in supporting the Pavillion?
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The Buzz on the Pollinator Pavilion

The Pollinator Pavilion will include infrastructure critical to continuing and increasing the capacity of our programs.

  • Sheltered Harvest Area
  • All-Season Teaching and Event Space
  • Permanent Administrative Offices for Staff
  • Plumbing 

1. Sheltered Harvest Area

Structural needs:

  • Our current Harvest Station was built by Eagle scouts 8 years ago and will soon need to be replaced.  It currently has a removable shade cloth roof that must be put on during the summer months and removed during the winter months.The roof does not protect from rain and snow, which can delay harvest and leave our farmers and teens with freezing fingers cleaning our produce during chilly, late-season weather. A solid roof would provide more protection and enhance the experience of our teens and volunteers harvesting produce.

Increased Capacity:

  • By including a new harvest area in the Pollinator Pavilion, we'll be able to increase the amount of produce we donate to low income families by 30%
  • As our orchard comes into production, we'll need additional harvesting space to process the extra produce, which is included in the new building plans.
2. All-Season Teaching and Event Space

In order to maintain our current programming, we need indoor teaching space, a kitchen, and restrooms built to state standards, all of which will be included in the new building.

  • We had to cancel 9 field trips this year due to a lack of indoor space and inclement weather. Our field trip schedule is so full that we were not able to reschedule these visits.
  • With the help of the pavilion, we will be able to increase the number of field trips to our farm by 20%.
  • Currently, 1/4 of our greenhouse is not utilized for growing because we are forced to hold our children's programming inside the greenhouse during inclement weather.
  • With the new building, we’ll be able to grow more plants in the greenhouse, which will increase Plant Sale profits and the number of plant starts we donate to low income community members by 20%.
A Regulation Kitchen
  • In order to continue to offer cooking classes where children and teens can taste and cook with the food they harvest from the garden, we need a kitchen that complies with state regulations. This includes commercial-grade safety specifications and fire suppression hood system.
  • We anticipate doubling the number of nutrition education and cooking classes we offer, including free cooking classes to low-income families.
3.  Plumbing: Flushing Toilets and Running Water for Hand Washing
  • To continue to offer quality programming for over 7,000 elementary school children each year, we need to improve bathroom sanitary conditions and replace our porta potties with plumbing.
  • Our bathrooms will be inclusive and accessible, we will have individual gender-neutral toilet stalls that any person can utilize.
  • One of our senior volunteers has been volunteering with Growing Gardens for 12 years. She shared with me that she “Is not a porta-potty gal” and in her 12 years at Growing Gardens, has only used them twice. This means she leaves our farm each time she uses the restroom, then returns to volunteer. 
Thank you for believing in Growing Gardens and helping to make our dreams a reality!