Children's Peace Garden Summer Camps

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Join us for an active week of summer camp and experience the wonders of our urban farm. We'll tend to the garden, explore through the lens of art and science and make tasty snacks from the bounty of our harvests. 

General Camp Information:

Full-day camps run 8:30am-3:30pm at Growing Gardens, 1630 Hawthorn Ave., Boulder, CO.

Each camp costs $325 per child with the exception of the cooking camps, which cost $375 per child.

A 10% early bird discount is available before March 15th. After March 15th, multi-camp or sibling discounts of 10% are available after your first registration for a full price summer camp. Discounts can not be combined. 

Camp registration closes at 9am on the Friday before camp starts.

Financial aid and scholarships available, please call (303) 443- 9952 to find out more.

Changes in 2019 summer camps:
We are excited to announce that we received our School Age Childcare License in 2018. While the license allows us to expand our programming, it also requires a few changes to our Summer Camp offerings, including:
  • We are unable to host half day camps for 3-4 year olds and will only be hosting full day camps for 5-11 year olds.
  • Children must be 5 years old before the first day of their summer camp session. 
  • Each week we will host 2 summer camps, each camp will include 15 children with 2 instructors. The two summer camp groups will be split based on age.
  • During registration, there is an opportunity to identify any friends that your child would like to attend camp with. 
  • Please reach out to Annie at [email protected] with any questions.

2019 Summer Camps:

Week 1- Birds, Bees and Butterflies  |  June 3rd - 7th |  For children ages 5-11 years old - Camp Full

Spend five fun-filled days exploring pollinators in our garden. We'll experience the amazing world of pollination by exploring the flight of birds, the tantalizing colors of butterflies, and meeting our local honeybees. Get ready to learn all about beekeeping through our very own bee hives. Learn and play surrounded by the “buzz” of growing fruits and honey being made! Every week of camp includes fun games, art and making tasty, garden-fresh snacks.

Week 2- Urban Safari  |  June 10th - June 14th  |  For children ages 5-11 years old - Camp Full

Spend a week exploring the living, breathing parts of our garden. We'll explore the intricate systems that allow our plants to flourish and experience this amazing world through hands-on learning and plant cultivation! We’ll follow our collective curiosity to discover the insects, small critters, and large mammals that visit our garden every day. Every week of camp includes fun games, art and making tasty, garden-fresh snacks.

Week 3- Garden Gurus  |  June 17th - 21st  |  For children ages 5-11 years old- 

Spend five fun days learning about the life cycles at play in the garden. We will learn how to reduce food waste by tasting all the parts of a plant and cooking creatively using the whole plant---roots to shoots! We will explore nature’s own zero-waste models and challenge ourselves to think of new ways to recycle and repurpose in the garden and at home. We’ll get hands-on with the best recyclers in the garden, our composting worms! Every week of camp includes fun games, art and making tasty, garden-fresh snacks.

Week 4- Art and Photography  |  June 24th - 28th   For children ages 5-11 years old - Camp Full 
Gardens inspire young artists to make unique, garden-themed art! This week, we will foster our creative side by exploring great nature artists and using the natural world as our toolbox for creation. We’ll make vegetable prints, plantable greeting cards, hand-dipped candles and use photography to capture the beauty in our garden. The lively garden environment will also inspire our artistic expression through movement, sound and theatrical activities. Every week of camp includes fun games, art and making tasty garden snacks.

Week 5- Field to Fork Cooking Camp  |  July 8th - 12th   |  For children ages 5-11 years old -  Camp Full
Spend a week in the kitchen with our Farm Chef and discover how to make delicious meals, master kitchen safety and learn cooking techniques from sweet to savory with fresh, seasonal food from our garden. Campers will be encouraged to taste as we cook in order to learn the fundamentals of seasoning food and trusting their taste buds. Topics covered will include knife skills, soups/sauces, fresh pasta noodles, basic bread baking, and desserts. Every week of camp includes fun games, art and making tasty garden snacks.

Week 6- Natural Wonders  |  July 15th - 19th   |  For children ages 5-11 years old -  Camp Full
Come discover the many life forces that make our farm thrive. We’ll dig deep to uncover the secret life of soil and explore each step needed to grow healthy plants. We’ll play with our perspective to examine different aspects of the farm ecosystem and discover things we've never noticed before! Every week of camp includes fun games, art and making tasty, garden-fresh snacks.

Week 7- Farming in the City  |  July 22nd - 26th  |  For children ages 5-11 years old -  Camp Full 
Growing good food is fun! We will explore what it means to grow food for our community in a sustainable way that benefits people, the land and the quality of our food. Each day we’ll get our hands dirty with farm work, learn about local food systems, and taste the fruits of our labor! We’ll explore farming throughout history and across cultures to learn different techniques, practices, and delicious recipes. Be prepared to have lots of fun and work hard through a variety of farm-inspired activities. Every week of camp includes fun games, art and making tasty, garden-fresh snacks.

Week 8- Field to Fork Cooking Camp  |  July 29th - August 2nd  |  For Children 5-11 years old - Camp Full
We’ll travel the world with our taste buds as we spend a week in the kitchen with our Farm Chef exploring regional flavor profiles and ingredients. Campers will learn how to cook with seasonal ingredients from the farm while combining new flavor profiles and techniques to create food inspired by our global community. Some topics covered include knife skills, Italian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Latin-American cuisine.

Week 9- Survival Skills from the Garden  |  August 5th - 9th  |  For children ages 5-11 years old Camp Full
Spend a week exploring all the resources our garden and the natural world have to offer. We will explore different ways to live off the land from foraging for edible plants to learning how to preserve food for the winter. We will get hands-on with activities like structure building, knot tying, growing fresh produce, and harnessing the power of the sun to prepare tasty snacks from the garden. Every week of camp includes fun games, art and making tasty garden snacks.

If a summer camp is listed as FULL, you'll be able to add your name to the wait list via our registration software. You may also call the office, or email [email protected] for an update at anytime.

For registration questions contact Megan at 303-443-9952 or email at: [email protected]
For programming questions contact Annie at 720-336-8260 or email at: [email protected].

Check out our partner summer camps: 

City of Boulder Parks & Recreation: Goats and Gardens summer camps:

Ideal for children ages 6 -11 years old.

Spend an active week exploring the wonders of Growing Gardens Children's Peace Garden, get to know the goats at Mountain Flower Dairy and finish off the day by swimming at the North Boulder Recreation Center. In the Children's Peace Garden, we will investigate the secret world of insects, create art from nature and explore the wondrous plants while making new friends. We'll grow and taste from the famous salsa garden and cook pizza using the power of the sun. At Mountain Flower Goat Dairy, we will spend time getting to know the goats and guardian llama. Campers will have the opportunity to walk the goats on leashes, feed the babies, make cheese, milk a goat, and explore small-scale farming practices, all while learning livestock management and the nutrient cycle. Each afternoon of camp we will wrap up the day cooling off in the North Boulder Recreation Centers swimming pool. Newly Extended Hours!!!

  • June 3 -7
  • June 10 - 14
  • June 17 - 21
  • June 24 - 28
  • July 8 - 12
  • July 15 - 19
  • July 22 - 28
  • July 29 - Aug 2
  • Aug 5 - 9

NEW in 2019:

Now accepting Boulder County Childcare Assistance Program funding! CCAP provides financial assistance to eligible low-income families for children ages 0-12. If you are eligible, a portion of the total child care cost could be paid by CCAP;  you may be required to pay co-pay portion.

 Limited CCAP spaces are available at our site. If you are interested in our program and have an open CCAP authorization, please let us know.

If you wish to apply for CCAP funding, please view their website for more information.   You must have an open CCAP authorization in order to request a CCAP spot.

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