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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the garden located?
The Children's Peace Garden is located at 1630 Hawthorn in North Boulder. The gardens are accessed by our entrance at 16th and Hawthorn. Please park near the Greenhouse and walk to the Children's Peace Garden which is located at the southeast portion of the property. 

Can I visit the garden prior to Summer Camp to orient my child?
Yes, individual visitors are welcome to visit the Children's Peace Garden whenever it is convenient for them. Groups must register in advance by contacting Program Director, Annie Sweeney.

Who are the Instructors?
Each Summer Camp is staffed by 2 Environmental Educators and 1 Cultiva Youth Leader. Environmental Educators have extensive teaching experience, are at least 21 years of age, are currently certified in CPR/First Aid/Medication Administration and have successfully completed a Background Check. We attract qualified, compassionate, enthusiastic instructors from around the country. The Cultiva Youth Leaders are typically 14-18 years of age and have been involved in the Cultiva Youth Project for at least two years. They provide amazing mentorship to our summer campers by sharing their love of urban organic agriculture and their amazing leadership qualities.

What does a typical day look like?
We start each morning with an art activity or free time in the garden as all of the children arrive. Once campers are in the gardens and ready to go for the day, we begin with group games and activities to form new friendships with our fellow campers. We then move into an activity focused on the theme of the camp. Mid-morning we begin to harvest produce for our fresh garden snack. Together, we rest and enjoy our garden snack together. Campers are also welcome to bring their own snack to eat during this time. After snack, we continue with additional activities related to the week's theme. At 12:30, the half day summer campers head home. The afternoons in full day summer camps are spent on activities in the shade including art, cooking, garden exploration based on the week's theme. At 3:30pm, the full day summer campers head home. Throughout the day, sprinkler time is enjoyed by all!

What do I do if my child has food or bee allergies?
All Children's Peace Garden Summer Camps are nut free. We ask that parents don't pack nut related snacks or lunches and we serve no nuts as part of our programming. We can accommodate additional food allergies and will work with you to ensure your child is able to participate in the garden snacks during his or her camp.  When summer campers go to visit the honeybee hives, they wear full beekeeping suits and veils. However, there is always the presence of honeybees in the garden.
The Environmental Education Instructors are trained in medical administration.  If your child has a severe allergy and has an epipen, the instructors will carry this epipen with them at all times and we will work with you to create a medical plan that feels comfortable to you.  

What precautions are taken in relation to the sun and heat?
During the summer months we install 3-4 large shade structures that are used by Summer Camps. We also closely monitor water intake by each of the summer campers to ensure they stay adequately hydrated throughout the day. Each camper is required to wear a sun hat during the day. If a camper forgets theirs, we have extras on site to share for the day. We take frequent breaks to run and cool off in the sprinklers (don't send bathing suits, we play in the sprinklers in our garden clothes). Sunscreen is reapplied after each sprinkler time. We also time our activities so that we are in the shade during the warmest parts of the day.

Are there any discounts or scholarship opportunities?
We offer 10% off for sibling registrations or for one child that is registered for multiple camps. The first registration is full price, each additional registration or sibling is 10% off.

We do have a limited amount of scholarships available. Contact the office to receive a scholarship application. 303-443-9952


What if the camp I would like to register for is full?
We do have a wait list if the camp you are interested in is listed as full. Call the office to be placed on the list. 303-443-9952


What if I have additional questions?
For registration questions contact Megan at 303-443-9952 or email at: [email protected]

For programming questions contact Annie at 720-336-8266 or [email protected].

Do you offer any other camps?
We are also offering summer camps in partnership with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation. To find out more about these summer camps, please visit the City of Boulder website at:


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