"[What I love most about the Peace Garden] are the magenta flowers, smelling the mint, seeing the bees, making things from the garden. [I learned] how everyone can work together, visited the tree orchard, made a group flower with lots of bees. Something new I learned that every flower, fruit, plant and veggie is special, kale stems are really great, beets make good lipstick, honey never goes expired, and how to plant a seed!" - Scotty, Summer Camper, age 7
"[My daughter is] exhausted because she had so much fun! We are having chard chips for dinner!" -Kerry, Summer Camper Mom, Camper age 4

"[I really apprecated] the sensitivity of the entire staff. How friendly, caring and attentive everyone is. I love the experience offered and the way the children are treated." Melina, Summer Camper Mom, Camper age 6
"I am writing on behalf of my son Joe, and I to express our sincere gratitude for the gifts given to us from
Growing Gardens. I'm not sure how Growing Gardens came into our lives, but we are so lucky to have found such a compassionate & caring non-profit. As a single Mom I have never had the funds to pay in for full for Summer Camps/After School Programs/Community Classes. I reached out to Megan a few years ago regarding scholarships for Joe. I was met with a woman who never ever has judged our financial situation, who whenever possible says yes, and who has never put pressure on me to pay for services in the moment. I'm beyond words on how much this means to me! It is already a difficult place to be in, not having enough, but Growing Gardens has made it ok, and more than ok. You've allowed me to provide for my son, and give him the same opportunities as other children, that is a gift which will never be forgotten. In closing, thank you to each, and everyone one of you for opening your hearts to Joe, and I. For ensuring that just because we are lacking monetarily, that our hearts are overflowing with the wonders of Growing Gardens!" -Jessica, Peace Garden Mom, Scholarship Recipient
"Charlie has autism and they [Peace Garden educators] were so patient and loving with him. I'm greeted with a smile [from him] at the end of the day. He is comfortable in the garden, thinks it feels like home, and is excited about veggies." -Susan, Peace Garden Mom
"Everything went so smoothly and the 3 Peace Garden leaders were fantastic. The rotation of lessons and time-frame worked well. I think each activity provided beneficial & interesting information for the kids!  The planting activity and plant part discussion were a perfect culmination to our lessons.The children were excited to talk about their salad snake." - Kevin, Teacher bringing students on Field Trip

"When the lesson was complete and the kids ran off to get their backpacks before getting
on the bus, one mom who was chaperoning the trip came up to me and asked “so,
where can I find swiss chard and how do I cook it at home? My son never eats vegetables but he said he loves this! I can’t believe it! He actually asked me if we could get this at home.” -Lara, Teacher bringing students on Field Trip
Please note that all names were changed to protect the privacy of our participants