Protect The Last Farm in Boulder

Home to Long’s Gardens, Growing Gardens & Mountain Flower Goat Dairy

Protect The Long Family Farm is a collaborative effort to protect the last 25 acres of working community farmland in the Boulder city limits. The property is home to Long’s Gardens and nonprofits Growing Gardens and Mountain Flower Goat Dairy, together serving over 45,000 people each year. The Long family has owned and operated this land for over a century and is committed to preserving it as urban farmland forever by placing a conservation easement on the property. The land would remain in private ownership but would have permanent restrictions so that it could never be subdivided or developed, benefitting the public through the preservation of open land, agriculture and natural resources.


What Can You Do To Protect the Long Family Farm?

We need your help to permanently protect the Long Family Farm through a conservation easement. Take action and become an advocate:

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  • Contact your city council members to let them know you support this project.
  • Support the purchase of the conservation easement with a financial gift. 
  • Sign up to attend a city council meeting and speak to the value of this project
  • Write a letter to the editor of a local publication in support of the project
  • Spread awareness to your network of friends, family, neighbors and colleagues

Project Benefits

  • Engages the community in sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture
  • Provides garden, livestock, and nutrition education for diverse community members (40% low income)
  • Permanently protects land from development and provides open space in a dense urban area
  • Enables all members of the community, including youth and those with low incomes, to use convenient bus and bike routes to experience a working farm and gain a hands-on connection with their food.
  • Secures a permanent, integral bike corridor through Boulder. The 13th Street bike path, which bisects the property, is currently held through a revocable license. With the Conservation Easement, this bike path would become a permanent benefit to the community.

Project Overview

25.52 acres of working farmland with significant water rights, located 1 mile north of downtown Boulder

  • Long’s Gardens: farms the west 14 acres, raises Iris rhizomes for local and mail-order sales, gardens are open to the public during the spring bloom season.
  • Growing Gardens: leases 11 acres. Programs include 200 Community Garden plots, a teen-managed Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), beehives, children’s programs for 8,000 children a year and food donations to 18,000 low income community members.
  • Mountain Flower Goat Dairy provides numerous educational opportunities to connect the community back to our food systems and land through grazing practices, dairy production, and animal husbandry.



Educational Activities on the Property

Over 45,000 people (40% low income) benefit from the sustainable urban agricultural activities on this property annually. We actively engage underserved minorities.  Educational activities include:

Demonstration farm Pre-k, teen, adult, senior education Livestock education
Community gardens Beekeeping education Summer camp
Cooking and gardening classes U pick and U dig events  Vermicomposting
Harvest festival Internships and apprenticeships   Farm tours
Volunteer opportunities Regenerative agriculture  Historic local business



Other Ways this Farm Benefits Boulder

  • Local Food Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  Produce travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to consumer. Growing Gardens produces 350,000 meals a year, greatly reducing the distance food travels with nearly zero emissions.
  • Reduced Food Waste: Growing Gardens facilitates the gleaning of 20,000 pounds of excess produce to be donated to those in need.
  • Climate Change Mitigation through carbon farming: Our organic sustainable agriculture practices increase the organic content of soil and remove carbon from the atmosphere. 
  • Flood Control: Porous agricultural land acts as a sponge to absorb rainfall & flood water runoff.
  • Wildlife: Protection of the Farmers Ditch that runs through the property maintains water quality and the diverse urban wildlife of this riparian corridor
  • Pollinator Education: 8 beehives offer educational opportunities for 4,000 people each year
  • Regenerative Agriculture improves topsoil and nutrient cycling for healthier crops
  • City’s Bike Network improved through a permanent recreation easement
  • Historic Preservation of 100+ year-old buildings with historic architectural features & fixtures.

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